Met verdriet delen wij mee dat Dr. Khurana onlangs is overleden. Het is niet meer mogelijk om afspraken te maken. Onze gedachten zijn bij zijn familie en dierbaren.

Ayurveda can offer a solution in cases whereby  the cause of the sickness is not clear or for which the regular medical science cannot offer a longstanding/healthy solution. The Ayurvedic Medical Science  can be of help to you here where the regular medical science stops. Mr. Khurana is a Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) who can  offer help to treat  cases of chronic, physical and psychological problems in natural way.

  • Affiliated to LVNT, SRBAG, RBCZ, SCAG
  • First consult 55,- Euro’s, repeated consults 40,- Euro’s
  • 100% natural, therefore no side effects
  • Ayurveda is officially approved by WHO
  • Compensation by insurance possible

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Ayurvedic medicine: the recovery of the balance

The Ayurvedic medical science aims at the total health of the human being, mental as well as physical. Physical complaints often start in the mind of the person and pass through to your body. The Ayurvedic science starts with the principle that sicknesses  and complaints are coming because of the disturbance of the balance between your body and mind. Such disturbed balance can have several causes, such as wrong living- and eating habits, your emotional situation and genetic influences. The balance of your body is re-instated with  Ayurveda through  natural and practical treatment.

Fees for Ayurvedic consults

The duration of a consult averages 30 minutes, however, this may differ. The time we need during consultation completely depends on the treatment and advice required.

Compensation by the Health Insurance

The possibility may exists that you are entitled to reimbursement by your Health Insurance company for treatment at the Ayurvedic Clinic. Compensation for Ayurvedic treatments fall under the chapter Alternative or Complementary health care. The own risk clause is not applicable. Whether you are entitled for compensation solely depends from the condition of your health insurance company and additional coverage.

Type of concultTariff
First consult€ 55,-
Repeated consults€ 40,-

The Ayurvedic medical science offers solutions for divergent types of diseases.

In cases of (chronic) physical and psychological disease you can contact for treatment in our Ayurvedic Clinic. From our experience we can say that the Ayurvedic healthcare is very effective for the treatment of the most

Chronic complaint and  diseases, for example to name a few,

  • Iritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.)
  • Polycystic Ovarium Syndrom
  • Pre-menstruation syndrom (PMS)
  • Skin complaint,( psoriasis,eczema)
  • Sleeplessness
  • Allergy
  • Loss of hair
  • Diseases of Auto immune origin
  • Uterine myoma
  • P.M.S.

Are you suffering  from another inexplicable illness? Come along for a first consult to find out if Ayurvedic medicine can offer you a solution.

Ayurveda helps!

Ayurveda medical care can offer help in most cases of chronic, physical, and psychical  problems e.g.Allergies, asthma, neurosis, arthritis, cystitis, C.V.S., depression, skin diseases, incontinency, low Immunity, PDS, PMS, menopause, rheumatism, irregular cycle, extreme loss of blood during menstruation, stress, unbalance of body and mind, auto-immune Syndroom and indefinable health problems.

Alternative medical care

Ayurvedic medicine is an approved medical care in India. To become an Ayurvedic physician  one must have successfully completed a five-year study at the university. In the Netherlands Ayurveda is not classified as regular medicine  but as alternative medical treatment. From 1977 on  Ayurvedic medicine has been approved as medical science by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The WHO confirms that Ayurveda often brings solutions in cases whereby  regular medicine did not have anymore solutions